Frequently Asked Questions

Does every student need a teacher sponsor?

Yes, but the sponsor doesn’t have to be the student’s current teacher.

Do students need to file animal papers even if they are only observing live animals?


If I’m doing a project involving humans, how do I use the Informed Consent Forms?

Have them filled out and signed by the parents of every student participating in the study. Keep the forms is a safe place in case they are needed. They are for your protection and the protection of your school.

 Is electricity available for projects at the Fair?

No it is not.

Do some projects require the filing of special papers?

Students doing projects involving invertebrate or vertebrate animals, human subjects, recombinant DNA, tissue, pathogenic agents, or controlled substances, need to file Scientific Review Committee Proposal Papers with the SFBASF before they begin their research. These papers are available from sponsoring teachers, or from the SFBASF website. These papers must be filed before February 1st. Students who are hoping to participate in SFBASF should file papers even though they do not know whether they will be eligible for the Fair this year.

Are school quotas the same from year to year?

No, but they don’t vary a great deal, generally. Quotas vary because the requests for project space vary from year to year. Also, the project space available to us is not always the same.

Are there items that I should not put on my project display?

Yes. Plants, animals, plant parts, dirt, liquids, chemicals, bacteria samples should not be brought to the Fair. If you’re not sure, leave it at home. Use pictures instead.