Registration Info

Information on the process of registering a Science Fair Project

Registration Information

Students who are interested in participating in the Golden Gate STEM Fair (GGSF) should have a sponsoring teacher with whom we can communicate.  If the student's school does not come to GGSF via a feeder fair, then the sponsoring teacher will need to contact us and get the Project Request Form. They should fill that out and email it back to us.  This will allow us to set the project quota for the school, and give us what we need to send registration information.  If a school participates in a feeder fair before coming to us, then this is not necessary--registration information will come from the feeder fair.

Registration is done online.  Teachers will receive a username and login either from the feeder fair, or from GGSF directly.  Teachers will then use our system to generate usernames and passwords for their participating students.  When students receive their username and password, they will be able to register through this page.  Log in through the Sign In button at the top of the page.